360 Accounting Solutions, LLC

Fee Schedule for Tax Preparation Services.


This list should only be used as a guide to determine what your cost of tax preparation services will be during the 2016 filing season.

These prices will be adjusted according to complexity of the returns and out of pocket expenses incurred. The amount of effort and cooperation I experience in the preparation may decrease the fees.

These prices may be subject to change as of 02/02/2017

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota and other Midwestern States

    • IRS Form 1040 $137.86 IRS 1040-EZ $100.00 (Short form)
    • IRS Schedule A $79.68 includes Medical, Taxes paid, Itemized deductions, Job expenses, Tax prep fees, Charitable donations, etc.
    • IRS Schedule C $114.31 Self-employed, Sole proprietorship, One member LLC income and expenses
    • IRS Schedule D $84.21 Interest, Dividends, Capital gains and losses, Broker and Barter Transactions
    • IRS Schedule E $94.57 Rental and Royalty Income and Expenses
    • IRS Schedule EIC, AOTC, AOC $97.57 Earned income credit, American child tax credit, American opportunity credit
    • Form 1041 $349.00 Estate tax return
    • Form 990 $318.35 Tax exempt organization tax return
    • Form 990-EZ $210.63 Tax exempt organization tax return short form
    • Form 1120 $545.00 C Corporation income tax return
    • Form 1120S $499.97 Sub Chapter S Corporation Income tax return
    • Form 1065 $449.95 Partnership Income tax return
    • FBAR Income reporting $80.00
    • Eastern and Western United States Tax Returns have slightly higher.

Midwestern U.S. State Income Tax Returns

  • State Tax Returns $68.62
  • Non-Resident State Tax Returns $68.42
  • Property Tax Refund Returns $45.00 (Minnesota)
  • State Partnership Tax Returns $60.94
  • State Sub S Corp Tax Returns $76.94
  • State C Corp Tax Returns $86.94
  • State Estate Tax Returns $86.94
  • All other state forms will be invoiced at time, materials and out of pocket expenses.
  • Eastern and Western United States Tax Returns have slightly increased fees.