About Me

Stephen P. Arkulary

Stephen P. Arkulary has spent the last 16 years caring for the needs of his tax clients, studying for and passing the Enrolled Agents Exam and fulfilling the yearly continuing education requirements.

I believe in providing Small Town Service for my clients whether you are from the big city or live right down the road.


My Work Process

Working with 360 Accounting Solutions provides a clear picture of where you are going!

Until we are out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, in person meetings will be restricted.
I could receive your information via scanning your information and emailing my office .pdf file attachments.
Please limit your attachments to 3 or 4 per email to ensure prompt worry free delivery.
Each of my email connections are securely encrypted with Microsoft Office 365 encryption for your safety.

Driver’s License or State Issued ID information may be sent by photo/text message if more convenient to you.

I will contact you by email or text message when your information has arrived.
You could rely on the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or other direct delivery to send your information
to my office at:
360 Accounting Solutions LLC
4455 Forest Road
Duluth, MN 55803-9248

The Engagement Letter:

The Engagement Letter lays out the professional expectations that you may have in dealing with 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC.

The Engagement Letter must be read, evaluated, and agreed to before work may begin.
Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage will be refused if there is not a signed and dated (last) page in your file. The last page must be signed, dated, with a VOIDED check attached. The voided check provides the information for your electronic bank transactions, and an option for payment for the services.

On Married Filing Joint returns, both taxpayers must sign and date the form.

If you have any questions, clarifications, or concerns with the Engagement Letter, please let me know. Work on your project begins after I receive the Engagement for Services letter signed, dated, and returned for your file.

Delivery of Tax Information to 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC:

All pages should be in letter sized pages. Coupons, tear off portions of bank statements, phone bills, and other items that extend pages beyond letter sized be removed.

The 2020 Income Tax Organizer:

The Organizer’s may come for a variety of business entities. Individual, Sub Chapter S, Partnerships, and several others. The Tax Organizer is provided to assist my clients with gathering the original W-2’s, 1099’s, Certificates of Rent Paid, 1098’s from Student loans and Home loan Lending institutions, included in your folder. The Organizer is great for a checklist and entering personal information like dates of birth, dependents names, social security numbers, phone, email addresses, and banking information, etc.

I prefer to receive a client’s tax information in-person (socially distanced and masked) an email attachment(s) or by US Mail, FedEx, or UPS delivery services.
Client’s will be notified immediately when the information has been received and let the client know an approximate day, they may anticipate work to begin. I may uncover forms that were included in previous years tax returns and inquire whether those transactions were repeated during this tax year. Oftentimes, a missing W-2, Form 1099 or a Brokerage Statement may arrive in the mail. This is perfect time to add the missing information on your current tax returns.

Should there be unforeseen delays, the client will be notified regarding when work will begin.

When a first rough draft of the tax return is ready to be released, you will receive an email preview of income tax return for review. Any questions or concerns you may have about the tax returns may be addressed at this time. After you have provided me with your approval, or your questions have been addressed to your approval.

The Final Signatures:

Upon completion of the Federal and State (if applicable) tax returns. My Clients receive a Docusign Form 8879 (Authorization to E-File) along with a Bank Transaction Summary to make sure any taxes that are due or refunds received are debited or credited through the correct bank account.
A handful of states require their own Authorization to E-file forms to be signed along with the Federal. When the Docusign Forms have been completed with the proper signatures and returned, the tax returns will be filed.

The IRS and State Forms will be securely transmitted to an IRS Service Center, and when the returns are accepted for filing, both the taxpayer and 360 Accounting Solutions LLC will receive an acknowledgment email from the IRS. After the acknowledgment arrives the tax returns are printed, compiled in a folder with the client provided paperwork, and returned to the client via US Mail.

All Tax Return mailed from 360 Accounting Solutions LLC is tracked electronically along with an emailed delivery receipt documenting your package has been delivered.

Payment Terms:

Bank Check, E-Check, Master Card and Visa are accepted. Payment terms are net 15 days after filing date.