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360 Accounting Solutions, LLC Business Coaching

A Professor that I recognized as being on the forefront of progressive thinking often began his lectures on a profound note.

“The majority of organizations in the United States are over-managed and under lead!

Successful organizations realize that many of the symptoms of business failures relate directly to poor management practices. “People do not quit their jobs, workers leave because of poor management- when leadership is sorely lacking.”

As a lifelong business owner, I understand you face a lot of challenges. The demands on your time often see you immersed in day-to-day problems, putting out business fires instead of working on business practices to improve the strategic and economic value of your investment. 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC recognizes these issues and have a different approach to help business owners build on their employee strengths to evolve into a more successful enterprise.

In particular, I have a Business Coaching program based on my extensive training at the Center for Organizational Design, LLC that can help make a significant difference in the profitability that will drive up the long term value of your company. I can assist you by taking an advisory role to help you jump-start your business growth and focus on value creation.

The 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC Approach

If you are like most business owners, when you went into business you had a vision of what you wanted to achieve and what you wanted to out of the business.

  • Have you realized that vision?
  • Is your personal income meeting your current financial needs?
  • How effectively can your employees run the business in your absence?
  • Are you comfortable that you have everything in place to exit your business?

You don’t need us to figure out where you want to be. That’s easy. The challenge is in getting there. Your investment in the business might add up to 10, 15, or even 20 years of personal sacrifice and commitment. My Business Coaching system can help ensure that your investment pays off.

My approach combines strong financial management with soft human elements, taking into account your individual needs as a business owner and the development of your succession team. My Business Coaching system is a turnkey process that starts with personal goal setting and moves through developing the business strategy, monitoring & reporting, performance improvement and team building.

The starting point is about aligning your business objectives with your personal objectives. In a private consultation, I am able to measure the relative importance of the business to your long-term financial prosperity and determine the tasks needed to get your personal affairs in order. The discovery process covers three important areas:

  • Your Personal Finances – a review of your income, tax, risk management and retirement planning.
  • You and Your Business – a review of your role in the business, the supporting team, readiness for sale and level of management information.
  • Your Quality of Life – a review of your health, appetite to continue to drive the business, enjoyment, work/life balance, outside interests and ‘life plan’.

The value of any business strategy depends on its level of implementation. Monitoring & Reporting are at the heart of our Business Coaching system. It offers a combination of financial and non-financial information that we use to keep the business on target. If an issue does arise, corrective action is taken to get back on track. I will continue our follow through and work with you to project-manage the process.

Driving Business Efficiency

Instituting an up to date bookkeeping system that reports in real time is crucial to every business large or small. Gone are the days of reconciling your checkbook every six months and crossing your fingers at year end wondering if you have made enough money to cover your losses or pay your unknown income tax bill on -time.

One of the outcomes of the Monitoring & Reporting process is identifying where the business is not performing to plan. We combine our experience as professional advisors to deal with underperformance by identifying the problem and solving it. Many small businesses are too dependent on the owner, which often limits value, creates stress, and acts as a handbrake on business growth.

Coaching should not be confused with business consulting. Coaching is working in a long-term relationship to assist in the development of a stronger management team and improve business performance. Consulting is about identifying a specific problem and solving it. Consulting is project driven – Coaching is relationship driven.

Team Development

The 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC Business Coaching system is not about personal or individual coaching, but rather focuses on team coaching. I provide guidance, process, and systems to develop a better business team.

One of the most powerful elements of the Business Coaching system is the emphasis on TEAM development. To build a successful business you need to develop an elite team. Your team is a fundamental part of your business. A strong team is essential if you want to fully realize your investment particularly if you decide to transition out of the business and want to ensure its ongoing success.

Next Steps

Business Coaching is not a new phenomenon. However, as your professional advisor, we can provide you with business solutions that are grounded in business reality. To find out how we can help you jump-start your business growth, call 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC today. It might be the most important business call you ever made.

To learn more about the 360 Accounting Solutions, LLC Business Coaching program call 218-391-8895